Ethan. (a short story)

Ethan is crying silently because his parents are fighting again. Ethan has his knees messed up because he’s always outside of the house, playing without supervision. He holds a stick, at the end of it there’s a butterfly, her wings are wide open but one of her legs is tied with a thin soft knot to the stick. She can’t fly, she can’t move fast, she’s trapped. She’s trapped in a situation others have chosen for her.

Ethan doesn’t want the butterfly to suffer. He just wants to take care of her and have her by his side because no one has remained on his. Everyone has problems, everyone has a life to live, everyone has somewhere to go and Ethan is not a part of it.

He is just sitting there, in the backyard of his house, watching days, years passing by in decay. He starts noticing the kids at school. He understands his life has started turning in a different direction than other children’s. Their clothes, their smiles, their energy are different from his.

Ethan is in high school, he is shy and doesn’t talk much. The ones used to be his childhood friends now are driving their cars to the beach, their music blasting out of their convertibles. Ethan doesn’t know how to swim and has no funny stories to tell, he is preparing though.

He likes to hunt, his love for animals turned to a love for mimicking their raw survival instincts. Biology is ruthless. He is lifting weights everyday. He got a job at the local grocery store by delivering goods to people with disabilities. Ethan likes to help the weak and the people in need but his hatred for the ‘’blessed’’ of this society, steadily grows day by day. As he delivers groceries, he notices the big mansions he used to play with some of his early childhood friends.

Ethan delivers goods with his colleague Dan, a former SEALS member who quit army after coming back from the war zone only to found his wife note that she is leaving him, she always wanted to live in the city and Dan never fancied this idea much. Dan is a big guy, he has done his time in the war and now lives a peaceful lifestyle by reading and spending hours of his time meditating.

Another day in the truck, in Ethan’s pocket there is a little notebook. After every delivery of groceries he returns to the van, he picks out his notebook, he doesn’t write words. He just sketches, as fast as he can and as detailed as possible, he doesn’t speak to Dan, silent and focused, his pencil is on fire, until the next house….

The End

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