Poetry in Punk.

Fat Mike of NOFX. ''There's a holeIn my mind Where the sunUsed to shine MemoriesIn black and white. But that's okayI'll have a talk With this dive barOn a long walk Along the shortest pierAnd watch it disappear Along the shortest pierAnd watch it disappear.''


So quick , you were gone. So sad, to see you leave. So vulnerable, you were. So dependent on the kindness of others. --- Tonight, I wonder my friend,  how many tears this life can bring to be sweet. --- Tonight, I am drinking to you, my friend. For the innocence of your existence. --- … Continue reading Away.


We, the silent ones. We, the thoughtful. We, the reserved. We, the angry. --- We, the different. We, the humans. We, the children. We, the misfits. --- We, the peacemakers. We, the brave. We, the romantics. We, the non obedient ones. --- We, the abortions, of a corporate orgy. We, the unknown heroes of tomorrow. … Continue reading We.